Breaking the Business Mold

Breaking the Business Mold

In the past few decades, working women en masse have gone from stay-at-home-mom to secretary to CEO. But the rules to get to the top in years past aren’t all the same ones that work today. So, how are today’s young businesswomen breaking the mold to achieve success?

Rachel Ducker, founder of design and marketing site Apparition, says, “We need to break this stereotype of a ‘businesswoman.’” How does she respond to old business conventions? “I take the rulebook and stamp on it with my best high heels!”

Ducker, who chose industry experience over a college degree, says her goal is to change people’s perceptions of businesswomen as hard-nosed battle-axes and show they can successfully perform however they feel comfortable. “At 24, I don’t want to let someone else manipulate my fate. Most people who meet me see Rachel – not the businesswoman, but the person.”

When Ducker decided to make her company a reality, she didn’t have her best business suit pressed. She slipped on skinny jeans and decided she was going to be herself. “I strongly believe my success comes down to following some very basic ethics: manners, respect, and courtesy.”

Pasha Baker started her own company at 24. She’s now president and CEO of three companies including Posh Business Solutions. She tells PINK her success comes from her listening skills, tireless networking and feels more women should be taught about business at an early age.





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